Guy Fawkes Signature and The Gunpowder Plot Immersive Experience

The strongest evidence that Guy Fawkes was tortured whilst imprisoned in The White Tower is the change in his handwriting. Despite originally signing as John Johnson, by 8th November 1605 a signed confession, where his co-conspirators were not named, shows Guy Fawkes’ signature. A second confession, with more detail, was signed on 9th November exposing the other plotters. This later confession shows the effects of the likely torture of Guy Fawkes.

Kept in The National Archives, King James 1st’s order authorising the use of torture on the plotters read ‘If he will not other wayes confesse, the gentler tortours are to be the first usid unto him…God speed youre goode worke. James.’

Guy fawkes signature

Whilst imprisoned in The Tower of London, Guy Fawkes’ interrogation was led by Lieutenant of the Tower, Sir William Waad. It is said that the second signature was extorted using the rack and the prisoner, Guy Fawkes, fainted before completing it. A later letter, dated from December 1605, documents ‘Faukes confessed nothing the first raking, but did do when told “he must come to it againe and againe, from daye to daye, till he should have delivered his whole knowledge.”’

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